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It’s time to take your project and or artist(s) to the next level. For advertisement opportunities with budgets higher than $5,000. Contact: For any other ad inquiries email Please Fill Out the Form Below!

*Note: We are not a pay for play radio station – Please do not reach out to GH3 Radio curators and ask them to compromise our beliefs.

We receive a few hundreds of submissions per week, so please do not contact us asking if we’ve received your submission. GH3 Radio currently has about 26 shows giving faith-based business, artists, and artist reps and opportunity to have their Christian Hip Hop (CHH), Latin CHH, and Gospel Hip Hop heard. Please Click Here for submissions guidelines.

We are a Christian Hip Hop Radio Station – Looking to submit your R & P record with no hip hop or some hip hop check out our sister station We only play Christian, Latin, Faith based hip hop music.

Respectfully, we are not obligated to post your material because you are a Christian or your brand is rooted in the Word just because we are believers. If you and or your product/service is able to Amplify God’s Word that’s awesome! GH3 Radio website and Stellar Award winning website serves with a high level of standards what we promote.

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